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What is Blog Commenting Service?

CommentHunt’s Blog Commenting Service is a new service in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Now you can avoid the difficulties in finding someone to write the comments for you or buying unfairly priced automated blog commenting solutions. On the other hand, at, we are the experts in finding blog post for getting high quality backlinks.

Why Use CommentHunt’s Blog Commenting Service?

Blog comments actually help your website rank better in the SERPs. has hired a group of experts who efficiently explore a list of blogs from a database program that we have developed for picking out relevant blogs in your niche.

Further process involves reading through blog posts and leaving a logical comment that is valid for the blog post they read before. By doing this, their comments are always highly relevant and they won’t get deleted by the blogger/moderator. Therefore your backlink is found permanently there on the targeted blog and provides you more authority and influence in the search engine rankings.

At CommentHunt, We have a team experts who are highly trained in copywriting and effective communication. As a result, they obviously are fluent in spoken English and write blog comments very well. Their comments are always rational and don’t get removed by the blogger or moderator.

Our Packages has three different packages for you:

1) Buy 50 blog comments for $149 (Basic Package)
2) Buy 100 blog comments for $249 (Corporate Package)
3) Buy 250 blog comments for $399 (Superior Package)

Is Blog Commenting Service Legal? YES, Buying Blog Comments is 100% ethical and NOT spam! When you buy blog comments from us, we always provide you premium blog comments. Our experts don’t continuously leave silly and spammy stuff like “Good Blog, please visit my site”.

CommentHunt’s blog comments are always logically relevant with the blog post that we are commenting on. They purely appear like completely natural comments written by someone just reading the blog post. Even you wont be able to distinguish our blog comments separately from others. In spite of this, most of the bloggers/moderators always love free comments to keep their web content fresh and their community alive.