Do DoFollow vs NoFollow Links Really Matter?

Howdy bloggers. Happy Friday to ya! I hope your blogging week went well.

Today’s topic will be a pretty quick one – not too much for the brain to wrap around for the last day of the workweek. Today’s subject is backlinks. More specifically, the two types of ‘REL’ descriptions behind the scenes of backlinks. You may not even know it, but there’s potentially lots of info coded into the links you follow. You can forward links, shorten links, describe links within themselves, and more – often without the user even knowing what’s going on.

Specifically, let’s talk today about the rel=”DOFOLLOW” vs. rel=”NOFOLLOW” link descriptor. What does it mean? Let’s take a look at an example link:

The basic parts of a link are detailed in the above graphic. You first have the ‘code’ or hypertext reference that tells your browser that it’s a link. Next, you have the actual URL itself – notice it’s wrapped in “double quotes.” Then you have the relationship indicators. Relationship indicators wouldn’t both be included in a link like this – you’d use one or the other. Relationship indicators tell search engines if they’re supposed to follow that link to the destination site. You probably already know that links are considered ‘votes’ from one site to another. If you link to a site, you’re telling others (including search engines) that you find value in that content. Well, if you link with a “DOFOLLOW” relationship indicator, you’re explicitly telling search engines that you find value in the content. DOFOLLOW links are widely considered to be more valuable when it comes to link building and SEO – and that would make sense. If you receive such a link from a site, it’s an overt vote of confidence in your content! Most sites often default if it is not specifically indicated in the URL itself, and most sites are “NOFOLLOW.” Some platforms or plugins allow you to change this setting site-wide without including the relationship indicator in each link you create. Finally is the anchor text for the link. This is the actual text that will contain the hyperlink and is also a perfect indicator (to search engines and people) of what type of content is on the other end of that link.

BloggableStuff’s Comments Are DOFOLLOW Links!

Did you know this site provides DOFOLLOW links from your comments? It’s true! The CommentLuv Premium plugin I use on this site allows me to control links in comments for all my visitors. All you have to do to change ALL of your linked posts in your comments to DOFOLLOW links is to leave at least 10 comments on this site. Every comment you leave after that will place a link (you even get to choose which of your posts to link to) will build your site’s SEO. This is a win-win for you and me. You engage with my content and, in return, receive an SEO bonus for your site or blog! Oh, and did you notice that the top commenters receive their profile (with a link) in the sidebar as well? That means if you’re one of the top 5 commenters, you’ll have a DOFOLLOW link on every page of this site (that’s pretty HUGE)!

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